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Melbourne City Morning Tour - taking in the city's iconic landmarks

Again, the Melbourne City Morning Tour is one Alison and I have never actually experienced, but I'll detail all the highlights within it anyway.

Departing from Federation Square at 8:20am and returning there at noon, it manages to pack loads of things into just over three and a half hours.


There are no less than 14 different locations visited - some of which are featured on this site's "Things To Do" page. Firstly, there's Old Melbourne Gaol. It operated as a prison until 1924 and now exists as a museum.

After passing along Lygon Street, which is colloquially known as Melbourne's "Little Italy", the coach will take you to the impressive Melbourne University. There are a few magnificent buildings visited in quick succession - the Royal Exhibition Museum and Parliament House, pictured here.


Next, there will be a photo stop at the impressive St Patrick's Cathedral.


Representing the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne, this building is internationally renowned as a perfect example of the style of architecture known as "Gothic revival".

Next stop is the beautifully landscaped area, Fitzroy Gardens.


You're given a bit of time to explore this park - and also a tourist attraction within it - Captain Cook's Cottage.

This charming building was originally built for Captain Cook in Yorkshire, England. In 1934, it was taken apart brick by brick, then transported to and rebuilt in its present location. It is now a miniature museum. You'll have time to go round this if you wish. Entrance fees are $5 for adults and children aged five to 15, $3. This entrance fee is not included in the Melbourne City Morning Tour price.

After visiting the ornate Victorian houses in East Melbourne, there will be a guided walk through the city's network of arcades and laneways, culminating in the opportunity for a, no doubt, welcome coffee break.

Then, after taking in Flinders Street Station, Federation Square and Collins Street, the tour takes you to the famous Victoria Market, where you can browse the hundreds of stalls and maybe pick up a bargain.

Finally, you are taken to the city's China Town, where you get the chance to walk through this exotic area.

Optional Extras

The Melbourne City Morning Tour comes with two optional extras, tacked onto the end. If you wish, you can elect for the coach to drop you off at Melbourne's tallest building, the Eureka Tower. You'll have entrance to Skydeck 88, the southern hemisphere's highest observation area.

Alternatively, you could choose a leisurely cruise along the Yarra River.

All in all, if you're into sightseeing, the Melbourne City Morning Tour is the one for you.

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